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I like getting cash don’t you?  Well, over here that is all we do; we give cash for your clunker in Philadelphia, PA.  I have so many friends that have asked me to get rid of their car for them.  Some of them just wanted the car gone, because they were tired of looking at it.  That’s how a lot of people feel; sitting on their porch and trying to enjoy the view, but can’t.  Why, you ask? Because, there is a car on their property that they have been aching to get rid of!  That gnarly looking vehicle, that they could get hauled away for free, with cash on the spot.  It is pretty disgusting looking sight, isn’t it?  Now that I have painted this picture into your head, you should give us a call if your looking to sell your car.

Cash for Cars Philadelphia

We Pickup in and Around the Philadelphia Area!

How many people need a scrap car removal service that will remove their car because something happened to it?  I know some.  Say you just went to get tires put on your car and after you get those brand new tires, the engine gives out.  We hear that kind of story all the time.  You could be heading to the beach, or going camping, maybe taking a trip with your family to just get away for the weekend.  Anything can happen to your car; wheel bearings go out, engine blows, you get in a wreck.  We have buyers standing by to hear from you because we buy all vehicles.  We understand what you are going through, because it happens to a lot of people.  The many phone calls we get for cars are from people who have had problems like these.

People that call our company are extremely happy when they get off the phone with us.  We like to boast about our customer service, because that is the #1 importance in this business; If your customer is happy than you are happy.  I understand the frustration being in this business, I use to be in your position, calling around for the best quotes; they answer the phone and are rude and horrible to talk to, you don’t even want to do business with them because of the way they are treating you.  We feel your pain, we understand that everyone wants to be treated right, that’s what we do here and we know that if we treat our customers with respect, we will get it back.

There is only great customer service here.  We receive phone calls all the time of people telling us that we have been a breath of fresh air, no joke! We have people calling us up, telling us that we have made their day.  Well, that is why we are here to make sure that we get you what you are looking for, if not that amount, than we will try to get as close to the amount you are looking for.

So if you are looking to sell or scrap your car, call us today at: