Junk your Vehicle in Philadelphia, PA

There is no bull here at Junk Car Philadelphia! We believe in giving the most money compared to our competition; we also believe in honesty and building relationships. We are a #1 trusted and guaranteed car buyer for your vehicle. We offer free towing to every purchase we make, so you will get the maximum amount that was offered.

Junk Car Philadelphia

We offer the most cash paid in town!

Do you believe in purple unicorns? We don’t either, but we do believe in taking care of our customers first. Everybody wants to be treated properly and have that good feeling that you were properly taken care of. With our great attitude and subtle voices, you will be floating on a cloud knowing that someone out there cares about getting you the most cash for your scrap vehicle. As a car buyer we know that some people look at their cars as treasured items. It is our promise to take care of your scrap car like it was our own. We will take it to the beach, where it can bird watch and chase dogs. Your car will feast like a king at one of our local gas stations. The car will stay at a 5 star hotel, where he can hang with other junk vehicles; that probably have the same things in common.

Right before surgery, when we put the vehicle to sleep gently, he will know that it is time. After we have delicately parted out the junk vehicle, we will give it a makeover, by tenderly removing all that access baggage.  While he is sleeping, we will softly push him in to a machine where he will be gently thinned out to the cars request.  I wish life was this great for every car, but we can’t save them all. Woe to the cars that don’t end up with us. Those cars might end up in other places, where they are brutally ripped apart, poorly mishandled and treated like garbage. Oh the humanity! Smashed to oblivion with no chance of survival; no chance for a prayer, a slow and painful death that could have been avoided; a death that won’t be remembered. At the funeral we will fly the flag at half staff in remembrance to a fallen soldier whose life could have been saved. We will hang a plaque in the honor of that clunker; we will tip our hats and hold our hands to our hearts and take a moment of silence to remember how brave that car was. We are desperately trying to get the word out there for car abuse, that happens every 35 seconds; it all begins with you making the right decision to have your car taken to a place where they care enough to make sure that your car gets the attention it needs. So give our car removal service a call today for all your junk automobile needs.

We have people waiting by to give you the quote you have been looking for.